Hello? Is anyone there?

Is this working? Is this thing on?

Didn’t realize you opened up two days ago… I thought this might have already been running awhile. FYI I emailed cloud, evoesi, and Bobby cause I thought we were all missing out…

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Haha :slight_smile: Well I was messing around with installing vbulletin (http://mattdorty.com/forum/), but the version I bought years ago is deprecated, and I’d have to pay for a new license for their newest forum software. So I looked around and found that discourse is actually the recommended forum software nowadays. I’ve actually had the planetmado.com website up for a month or two. I was trying out some new hosting and I really like it a lot. That all led to the rabbit hole of getting all this set up.

Anyway, I thought if anyone happened to look up PM they could at least find a forum if they wanted to say anything. And it worked :smiley: